Drawing improvement

   Drawing Improvement



How can drawings be improved?

Why is standardization important?


Standardized drawings are easier to understand, manage, and edit - which saves you time, energy and money.

Document content and format are universal and thus drawings communicate more effectively.

Drawing size is reduced. Layers and blocks become more manageable.

Our Drawing Improvement Process

1. Evaluation
Plant drawings are reviewed for content and overall CAD structure. Specific criteria (layers, blocks, architectural features, annotation, space management/analysis, plotting/titleblocks and various other settings) are analyzed and graded, and presented as a report through a multi-sheet Excel file.

2. Clean-Up
Most PostalCAD facility drawings require some level of clean-up--some much more than others. Our clean-up process includes transitioning all drawing objects to standard PostalCAD layers, and replacing furniture and equipment block definitions. In addition, annotation elements (text, dimensions and leaders) are updated and unneeded geometry is purged.


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